Thanks for visiting my site. I love to drive offshore racing powerboats, and I am lucky to have driven many over the past 20 years. I started by working on and testing them and eventually I began to drive them in races. I have shared some of my pictures and my enthusiasm for the sport. Feel free to email with comments or suggestions.

I raced locally and in a few National events for nearly 10 years. It is said luck is when opportunity and preparation come together. 1998 is when luck came my way. I spent most of that year working on Fountain's SuperV  team, transporting and preparing V 76 for Art Lilly and Jeff Harris. I became friends with many people from Fountain and around the country during the '98 season. By seasons end, I was driving a Factory 2 boat for Martin Sanborn. We ran fantastic together, winning and setting course speed records in our first race together.

From 1998 to 2004, racing was my priority. For the most part, I participated in racing full time, doing everything from transporting and preparing race boats to driving others in races. During the period from 1998-2010 with six different throttle men I WON :

15 races                                                                                                                2 World Championships,  Runner-up 3 times
3 National Championships in 3 different classes   
1 APBA/UIM World Speed Record                                                                     2 SBI Course speed records

You may recognize some of the offshore race boats : Rock Solid   B- 1,  Fountain   V-76,     Spiderman  8,   Pier 57  1,   Speedware  F2-55,   Matco Fountain  F2-71,   Voyager  F2-1.

You can see many pictures of these boats on pages of teams listed above.  

During the season of 2008 George Jr  invited me to drive his SVL 30' Phantom IMCO 10.  The following seasons we won 4 races and secured a National Championship. More pictures, some videos and information can be found by clicking George Jr's Race team tab above. 

I grew up on the South River near Annapolis, Maryland. I have also lived at the Jersey Shore and recently settled in Austin, Texas near Lake Travis.

I have been servicing, rigging, and repairing Mercury and Mercruiser powered boats most of my life. I operate a mobile service repair company in Austin and bring all my experience to boaters looking for special attention.

If you are in need of my assistance and live in Central Texas near Austin
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Here are some pictures from the 80s and early 90s.
More recent pictures can be found in other team pages listed above.